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    Reiki, Level 1 and 2 with Crystal Healing

    5 days, 15 to 20 hrs
    January 16th - 21st
    Price: Q2000 ($275)

    This course presents information about the human energy structure and how emotions, mental patterns and life purpose are manifested through the physical body. You will learn how to give Reiki healing sessions to yourself and others. Reiki symbols, scanning techniques, distant healing, physical exercises to maintain the energy structure of the physical body.

    Crystals are made of the same materials as our bodies. Their structures are more stable, which makes their colour signatures more harmonious. Placing different crystals on key points and chakras on the body stabilizes our own molecular structures and activates a resonant harmonization of all body functions and fluids. Crystal healing can leave you with a deep sense of peace, renewed creativity and "crystal" clear vision of life.

    • Level 1: An overview of energy; The human energy field - chakras, subtle bodies; True identity vs. false identity - how this makes us ill; How to heal oneself and others, all life forms with Reiki; Meditations and energy exercises; Practice.
    • Level 2: The law of cause and effect - understanding the causality of our thoughts and actions; amplifying the energy with symbol forms; The reality of mental patterns locked into the physical cells; Time and space healing - can you change the past and the future by being fully into the now?
    • Crystals in Healing - reconnection with the Mineral Kingdom; Crystal Mandalas for your environment - home, garden, work space, etc.; crystals in healing - crystal body layouts.

    Neuro-lymphatic Massage and Chi Nei Tzang (Abdominal massage) using Neuro-lymphatic points

    10 days, 30 hrs
    January 29th - February 9th
    Price: Q2300 ($315)

    This therapeutic massage is based upon the knowledge of reflexes. Reflexes are nerve endings located at different areas of the body, which stimulate the proper functioning of organs and tissues. Through this very precise and orderly massage, using Dr. Chapman`s neuro-lymphatic points, all body structures are stimulated to cleanse and purge toxins and all substances foreign to the body. Different effects can be expected from obtaining natural states of deep relaxation; cleansing allergies; purging cellulites from the tissues; etc.; up to releasing twisted or out of place bones and joints to their natural state of being and bringing disabled muscles to their proper functions.

    Chi-Nei-Tsang - Chi - "energy"; Nei - "internal"; and Tsang - "organ", Chi Nei Tsang is a special branch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine using abdominal diagnosis and working with balancing the energy of the meridians and applying precise and deep manipulation on the internal organs of the abdomen. Especially valuable for all kinds of problems which can`t be solved with acupuncture, diet or herbal supplements. Chronic health problems, digestive disorders, after-birth support and rebalancing of the system, to name a few conditions easily taken care of with Chi Nei Tsang. This massage also uses the neuro-lymphatic reflexes of Dr. Chapman in purpose to balance the nervous system and to relax the body, so all organs and functions are reset to their best operational state.

    Students learn and practice on each other, so to fully experience the effects of this method.


    February 13th - 24th
    Price: Q2300 ($315)

    Shiatsu is not only a massage but a healing treatment. The technique originated in Japan, based upon Chinese medicine. In this basic level, you will learn:

    • the principles upon which Oriental Medicine functions,
    • how to give a whole-body treatment following the 14 Meridians,
    • the location and uses of major acupressure points.

    You experience the techniques you learn on yourselves and benefit from the effects during the course.

    To register, you need to deposit half of the price so we all commit!

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