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    I came to Earth in Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe. Grew up in the mountainous landscapes of the Balkans and the shores of the Black sea. There I finished my education in Economy and Accounting.

    At the age of 20 I went exploring the world, which at this time for me was Paris - museums, art, bars (Oh! Dear Hemingway!) … and as I soon figured, lost glory! Went to University for couple of years. Studying History of Art, Mayan Archeology and Anthropology and Languages of South America. None of it felt satisfying. Limits and unanswered questions, narrow education programs, created to serve no other purpose than control and confusion. Bars, recreational drugs, alcohol and mal nutrition were part of the subconscious search for my lost dreams, the mountains, the sea, my joy. I decided is time to grow up and integrate society in my life. This happened by doing like everybody else - study something that brings money in! In 2 years I was qualified System and Network Engineer. Chronic migraines, more drugs and alcohol, and better financial situation to support my misery!

    In mid 1997 my Spirit said Enough! An initiation in Reiki flipped my whole world, woke up a new awareness of the life I was creating for myself and reminded me that the responsibility is entirely mine to take! It all started looking like a nightmare, from which I could chose to awake NOW!

    So I did! Gave away all the stuff, quit my wealthy job, took a backpack and went to see how the Mayas of our time are living.

    Well, the Mayas were still keeping lots of their knowledge. I received my Reiki Master initiation at Spring Equinox 1999, at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, just before a Mayan Activation Ceremony. Did I awake my memories! - dreams and visions, meeting people and going places… A day became a month; a week was equal to a year! My journey soon brought me to what became for me the most beautiful lake in the world - Lake Atitlan, where the mountain marries the water under the rainbows!

    The lake, the mountains, the nature spirits, the beautiful people, which have chosen to live truthful to the loving principles of life, all it came to help my healing from 30 years of confusion and illness! I remembered joy and remembered love. Learning the healing modalities which assisted my healing, starting to share the learned and the remembrance gave birth to the Flower House. Welcome!

    My training and practice in the last 17 years includes:

    • Massage - different styles
    • Kinesiology
    • Reflexology
    • Shiatsu and Acupressure
    • Auricular therapy
    • Craneo-sacral therapy
    • Polarity therapy
    • Reiki
    • Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
    • Bach flower therapy
    • Health and Lifestyle Counseling
    • Etc.


    This time around I was born near to Ipswich, England. Growing up in rural Suffolk gave me an appreciation of nature and the freedom it brings. As I grew and learnt things at school, science fascinated me as it answered some of my questions. I left school at 17 to follow a career as a research chemist, designing polymer molecules, or as we liked to call it "Molecular Sculpting". After a while I grew dissatisfied with life in a laboratory, I missed my freedom and nature. I returned to Suffolk and worked for water treatment companies, before getting further back to my roots and working as a landscape gardener.

    During this time many questions welled up in me. My lifelong fascination with the more mysterious side of life was nagging me for answers. It was as if my right brain was saying to my left brain "OK you had your chance, now it`s my turn". I had been practicing a form of healing since I was 12. I had the ability to draw pain out of people, but unfortunately no knowledge of what to do afterwards. At the age of 21 a friend`s mum told me "you have healing hands, but you need to learn how to use them". I was stumped. No one I knew could tell me anything about this sort of thing, in fact I didn`t even know of anywhere I could go to learn of such things. As time passed I kept getting nudges towards the right direction until in 1997 I got a cosmic kick-start. I was working with the Celestine Prophecy and had become stuck. "I could really do with some help" I asked out loud. The next morning, I picked up the newspaper I had read the night before. I read it from back to front and spotted something I had missed. "FIND YOUR HEALING POWER" the advert said. I called the number and for the first time spoke to someone who had similar ideas to me. It turned out I wasn`t crazy, there were other people out there that sensed things and worked with this energy. I went to a presentation on Reiki and my heart exploded! This was what I was looking for. In September 1997 I took Reiki 1, and by February of 1999 I had completed my masters training and was beginning to teach. I also sat in clairvoyant development circle for 18 months.

    In early 1998 I was introduced to the Maya. The ideas captured me completely and I gained a new thirst for knowledge of this ancient Central American culture. I started to learn about Mayan Shamanic practice, astronomy, astrology, ceremonies and culture. The culmination of this was in June 1999 when I left England for Mexico and spent seven months travelling around Central America. I saw and experienced amazing personal events, which changed me for good. I felt more at home here than anywhere I had ever lived. There was no going back, my thirst increased and I had more questions.

    Due to lack of funds and commitments I returned to England in May 2000, where I eventually helped my family to set up a landscaping company. I worked with them for 8 years, but had a continual inner turmoil, a persistent voice telling me to return to the Americas. Early in 2008 I had the opportunity to work in ceremony with Shaman from North, Central and South America. In November 2008 I finally left England for good. I sold or gave away most of my possessions, picked up my pack and flew to the North America and travelled down to South America via Guatemala. Before I left England, I was guided to return to San Marcos La Laguna. I found that it welcomed me with open arms, living amongst the beautiful people here.

    I am honoured to be a bridge between the worlds. By merging my scientific knowledge of molecular, atomic and sub-atomic realms with the esoteric knowledge I have gained I get a greater perspective on both. I have worked with both Western Reiki and traditional Japanese Reiki and draw on the truths in both systems for my teaching and practice, also incorporating some elements of Ki Aikido. I draw on my years of learning to perform Mayan Sacred Calendar readings for people, and various other learnings to enhance the ideas of myself and other people to "peace it all together".

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